How can i rent a scooter or motorbike in Bangkok ?

5 Tips on Scooter & Motorbike Hire in Thailand!

1. How & where to hire a scooter?

Most towns, villages and islands in Siam provide the ability to rent a scooter and you’ll see several travel agencies/hotels/grocers with scooters lined up outside. the corporate can sometimes charge per twenty four hours. you’ll ought to pay prior to and leave your passport as a deposit.

In case you don’t want to go away your passport you can also go away a deposit of around 5.000 Thai Baht. we’ve got had no awful enjoy with agencies failing to return passports so don’t worry an excessive amount of about this, simply make certain which you are hiring from a good location and take a business card with the enterprise call cope with and speak to number on.

2. Types of motorbikes and scooters

There are 3 varieties of scooters to be had for rent at maximum bike condominium locations in Thailand; the automatic (with no gears) and semi-computerized (with 5 gears however no clutch.) in case you are a sophisticated rider you may additionally plump for an off-road bike additionally called a ‘crosser’ (5 gears and grasp.) the automatic is the easiest motorcycle to ride for novices, yet with a little effort, most people can master the semi-computerized in much less than a day which offers the rider lots more control mainly driving mountainous, windy roads.

3. Average costs

Cost are in line with 24 hours, however, it’s also viable to barter in case you want the motorcycle for a longer journey, for example, one week, in which your every day charge can be reduced.

  • Automatic motorbike – (200 Baht – 300 Baht/day)
  • Semi-automatic motorbike – (200 Thai baht – 300 Baht/day)
  • Off-road motorbike – (500-1000 Baht/day)

4. Helmet

It is going without saying, usually put on a helmet on South East Asian roads. Take care and save yourself. The rental of a helmet should really be free with bike apartment so always ask for it earlier than you ride off…

5. Checking the motorbike before you depart

Before than you activateensure you provide a radical take a look at of the bike. It is a good concept to take some images on your phone from each attitude to reveal any scratches on the motorcycle that become there earlier than you bought your mitts on the handlebars.
That paper which you just signed says that you employed the bike in pristine circumstance! If there was a scratch or a dent inside the automobile earlier than you spark offyou may emerge as paying for it upon your go backdespite it not being your fault. bewarea few motorbike groups are sticklers for this so ensure you don’t get bitten!