Motorbikes & Scooters in Bangkok, Thailand – What Are the Rules?

Thailand may be a pretty safe place – if you keep quiethowever, a rented scooter & motorbikes that common best thanks to getting into bother. Why? People stay falling of them!

Many travelers to Thailand are by-passing skilled services, like conveyance and cars with drivers, and are driving themselves.

Before you’re taking off on 2 wheels, know the essential data, and also the answer to our most often asked question: do i would like travel insurance to ride a motorcycle in Thailand?

If you would like to drive a automotive or ride a motorbike in Kingdom of Thailand, you’ll have to have absolute nerves of steel to survive showing emotion and physically. The country has associate appalling road safety record and there are many accidents, despite varied government safety initiatives over the years.

Thailand rates second within the world for road fatalities per capita, behind African country. throughout the 2016/17 twelvemonth vacation amount, 478 individuals died in road accidents in one week.

You must have a license – one from home (best paired with a world driver’s permit) – otherwise you will get one in Kingdom of Thailand, and it’s to be for the category of car you’re meaning to rent.

If you don’t have a bike license back home, you don’t as if by magic acquire one by flying into Kingdom of Thailand. Thousands of holiday makers every year rent a bike and ride around Kingdom of Thailand altogether unaccredited. It’s illicit.

You will want a driver’s license from your home country if you would like to rent a bike or automotive. But, if you are doing not have a world license or a Thai license, you’ll be driving lawlessly.

What if you’re stopped by police? affirmative, you’ll typically pay the policeman off for some greenbacks, not that we tend to advocate that! however you ought to take a look at our guide to bribing police and see the going rate for traffic offenses.

The fact that the search rented you the bike while not requesting your license, doesn’t mean you don’t want one. It’s not their responsibility if you don’t take a look at the native law.