Best Scooter & Motorcycle Rental Service in Bangkok

Speedy Scooter & Motorbike is pleased to be the primary rental organization in Bangkok to provide good explicitly to nonnatives visiting the Bangkok Metro territory.

Our rates are the best you will discover with scooter or motorbike in Bangkok no doubt. Our armada of rental scooters and motorbikes is continually developing and is kept in first class condition. All rentals accompany obligation protection and helmet(s) included. To lease a bicycle you will require a drivers permit from your nation of origin (with worldwide interpretation prescribed) or a Thai permit in addition to your identification. The international ID is kept as a store for the span of the rental. Costs are recorded above and as referenced Sundays, we are shut so on the off chance that your rental time goes over a Sunday, that day will be limited half of the ordinary rate. Likewise, for longer rental terms a rebate can be made depending on what extent you will lease. Every rental is given a full tank of fuel from the begin and it is required to come back with a full tank of fuel also.