Do you want to rent a scooter or motorbike in Bangkok ?

1) Where to Hire your Scooter

Almost every village, town, city, island or accommodation type in Thailand will offer the facility to hire a scooter, as will travel agencies and even street stores. At each of these places the price and quality of motorbike will be different as will the standard of care on maintenance between leasing them. If you are at a major hotel or resort you can have a higher level of confidence in the quality of the motorbike. Many smaller resorts run by westerners will also have a higher interest in providing safer bikes for their customers. The Thai attitude of ‘Mai Ben Rai” (no problem, no worries, forget about it) often also extends to the attitude of the staff working at the business (including the mechanics).

If you decide (or are required to) walk around and search for a motorcycle hire shop, you will need to take a little extra care. Do not assume just because it is a motorbike leasing business that the staff have your safety at all in concern. Preform the safety checks listed further down, and do not be afraid of walking away if nothing is available. You life is at stake, and while it might be easy to give into temptation and rent a motorbike because it is getting hot – This should be a thought out and careful decision.

Try to avoid places that do not speak English. Sure you may feel fantastic at your gallant efforts at miming and hiring, but you know nothing about the insurance conditions or will be able to get help when you break down. The bottom line is, if someone starts a business hiring motorbikes and does not appreciate the language of their customers – what else is lacking?

2) Cost, Insurance and Security Deposit.

Security Deposit

You should pay ahead of time and leave either your passport for a deposit or between 3000-5000 baht with a duplicate of your passport. It is currently illicit to be without your passport so it is profoundly suggested that you leave the money deposit.

Cost of Renting a Motorbike in Thailand

The organization will as a rule charges for each 24 hours when you are renting for the day. The cost will fluctuate contingent upon where you are in Thailand, regardless of whether the bicycle is more established or new, and a programmed or a manual. A few spots will offer a markdown for a week by week rent, most will for a month to month contract term. Albeit numerous littler Thai claimed places don’t comprehend the idea of mass purchasing as we do in the west and will (particularly in top seasons demand an every day rate for anyway numerous days you procure.

Programmed motorbike – (120 baht – 250 baht/day, 2500 baht – 3500 baht multi month)

Self-loader motorbike – (120 baht – 250 baht/day, 2500 baht – 3000 baht multi month)

Rough terrain motorbike – (600-1000 baht/day, 6000 baht – 10,000 baht multi month)

More seasoned Bikes – 500 baht less every month than a more up to date scooter.


A few spots will offer you harm protection for a 20-200 baht (contingent upon to what extent you contract), and it is constantly worth paying the additional insignificant expense. Be that as it may, know, most protection for renting your bike will expect you to pay for the repairs, or on account of more regrettable harm buy the bicycle and after that claim the protection when you return home. Ask what the technique is whether you have to assert protection before you rent the bicycle.

Numerous individuals who employ once a day are compelled to pay for a bicycle and after that leave the nation before the protection can be dealt with – leaving a 35,000-60,000 baht additional cost. Get the protection yet ensure it is full scope and does not expect you to pay ahead of time and afterward assert back later.

3) Type of Scooter you can Rent

There are three kinds of scooters accessible for contract at most motorbike rental places in Thailand.

1) Automatic (without any apparatuses)

2) Semi Automatic (with 5 adapts yet no grip.)

3) Manual (5 gears with Clutch)

The programmed is the simplest bicycle to ride for fledglings, yet with a little exertion the vast majority can ace the self-loader in under multi day which offers the rider substantially more control particularly riding bumpy, breezy streets.

CC Rating

Commonly bicycles will run from 110cc, 115cc and 125cc with the more up to date bicycles having fuel infusion (125i). Clearly the bigger motor gives more power and comes at a higher rental cost. On the off chance that you weight at least 80kg, or in the event that you are anticipating going around the field (or mountains up north) get the greater cc rating.

More established versus New

Another bicycle is one that is under 2-3 years of age. Normally a more seasoned bicycle will be around 500 baht multi month less to rent (yet a similar day by day rate). For the most part a fresher bicycle will have more power and much better fuel efficienty. In the event that you your procuring for the day this isn’t such an extensive amount an issue, over the reserve funds in gas that you will cause over multi month. In any case, and this is a BIG BUT, this is a security issue. The more current bicycles will have better brakes, tires (typically thicker), more power (for getting away risks) and spare you gas over the more drawn out term more tan the additional rental cost. Ask yourself here Is my life worth paying 500 baht multi month for? Or then again on account of a day by day rental you are paying the same at any rate.